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Terms Of Use
 Moderated by: Stuart W, Grainne
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 Posted: 04-21-2004 05:38 pm
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Stuart W

Joined: 02-19-2004
Location: Virginia USA
Posts: 3205
Model: IP27
Hull #: 29
Name: Shenandoah
DSC ID: 88888888 ...

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The Terms Of Use for IP Home Port are as follows :
  1. All postings in this forum shall pertain to the use, repair, maintenance, and/or ownership of Island Packet Yachts.
  2. This forum is provided as a free service and is operated entirely on a volunteer basis as a service to the Island Packet owner community.   No funding is received from Island Packet & Seaward Yachts, LLC, or any other entity to support on-going operations.  Under no circumstances shall the provider of this forum, any of the assigned forum moderators, or Island Packet & Seaward Yachts, LLC, be held liable for the inability to use this forum at any time or for any losses, direct or otherwise, related to the use of this website, the security of individual account credentials, or to the information, advertisements, etc. that may be presented here.

  3. The use of this website and/or any information posted here as well as the purchase of any goods or services advertised in the Classified Ads or from providers identified on the Useful Links page or elsewhere on the site is entirely at your own risk. Neither the provider of this forum, the assigned forum moderators, nor Island Packet & Seaward Yachts, LLC assume any responsibility for the correct operation of this website software or the accuracy or applicability of any information posted here nor can they assume any responsibility for goods or services purchased from another forum user or from vendors identified herein.
  4. The provider of this forum and any of the assigned forum moderators may move, edit, or even delete any topic, posting, photo, photo caption, signature file, etc. as deemed appropriate due to inappropriate content, incorrect categorization, inaccurate information, duplication of prior content, violation of these Terms Of Use, safety concerns, etc.  Edits and moves may also be performed to improve the readability, consistency and accuracy of the subject/description lines as well as the overall search engine visibility of the topic.  These moves, edits, or deletions may be performed at any time and without any prior notice.
  5. The contents of this forum are intended for personal, non-commercial use only.  Any postings of a commercial nature may be edited or removed immediately and without warning of any kind.  Third parties are NOT allowed to use the contact information provided by this forum for any sales solicitation or marketing purposes whatsoever. 

    Note : We do not allow user accounts for dealers, brokers, service personnel, industry consultants, or equipment manufacturers/distributors at this time due to member preference that this forum is kept strictly non-commercial.  That said, 'Read Only' visitor accounts for these individuals can be set up on request and with the approval of the moderators.

  6. The contents of this forum, in whole or in part, may not be re-posted, re-packaged, or re-sold in any manner for any purpose whatsoever.  This includes text, photos, diagrams, and documents as well as user data (e-mail addresses, names, boat model information, etc.).

  7. You may create a link to IP Home Port from your website provided that this website is launched in a dedicated, fully-functional browser window.  Under no circumstances may this forum be displayed in a frame of another website (i.e. via a portal page or any other means).

  8. Users agree that they will not attempt to purposefully impact forum operations via flooding of messages, spam posting, Denial Of Service attacks, etc.  This includes the practice of 'bumping' to make a thread appear at the top of recent activity lists, RSS feeds, etc.  Bumped threads will be subject to deletion at the discretion of forum management and repeat offenders may lose their forum privileges.

  9. Inappropriate / offensive language and personal abuse of other users will not be tolerated, nor will discussion of potentially divisive topics such as religion, politics, or guns.  Boating is supposed to be fun - let's keep it that way!

  10. Anyone posting a free advertisement in any Classifieds category asserts that they are the legal owner of the item offered for sale and have the legal right to sell it.  If the ad is for a service then the poster asserts that they have the necessary experience, qualifications, and certifications to offer that service.  Regardless, the policy of this forum is strictly 'caveat emptor', i.e. that it is the buyer's responsibility to verify the quantity, quality, legality, or suitability for use of any product or service advertised for sale on this forum.

    The poster of any ad further agrees to :

    a) keep the advertisement current in the event of any changes to pricing, item description, contact information, etc. 

    b) respond to any inquiries regarding their advertisement in a timely manner

    c) edit their ad text to begin with the word "DELETE" when the advertisement is no longer needed so that the moderators can remove the thread

    d) refrain from the practice known as 'bumping' - this is not allowed nor is it necessary on a forum of this type.

    Telephone numbers and/or e-mail addresses should NOT be included in classified ads (or any other forum posting, for that matter) as this creates a potential security risk for the user.  All of the necessary contact information is already included in the user's profile, which is only visible to registered users of the forum.  Any ads posted with phone numbers and/or e-mail addresses will be edited to remove them.  Any user posting an advertisement of any kind is required to make their e-mail address available for ad responses by checking the applicable checkbox in their user profile.

    If a boat is listed with a broker then the owner may still advertise it here but the owner must remain the primary point of contact.  The broker name, brokerage affiliation, or contact information are not allowed in the ad text, title, or description lines - this information should only be communicated offline via e-mail or Private Message in response to specific requests from interested parties.

  11. This forum shall not be used to further any personal or political agendas - this includes the discussion of warranty disputes of any kind.  If you have an issue with another person, group of people, company, product, etc. please take it elsewhere.  Any axe grinding (including the re-posting of communications from others without their express permission) will be subject to deletion per item #4 above.

  12. This forum shall not be used to build link counts, solicit 'likes' or 'follows', or otherwise drive traffic to other websites (unless the target page is on point to a specific question being asked in the forum).  The forum moderators shall be the sole judge as to whether or not a posting, signature, etc. is being used for these purposes.

  13. All restrictions detailed in these Terms Of Use apply equally to topics, postings, profile fields, signatures, avatars, PM messages, Gallery photos, Boat Blog entries, and user names.

  14. Member signatures (whether automatically or manually added to a posting) shall not contain anything other than member first/last name, forum user name, boat name, boat model, model year, hull number, port of call, current location, and/or the web address for a personal blog. 

    More specifically, member signatures shall NOT include phone numbers (personal or business), e-mail addresses (personal or business), street addresses (personal or business), company names, product names, or web addresses (other than for a personal blog).

  15. By posting messages, attachments, or photos to the website you are allowing their continued use ad infinitum regardless of your future membership status.

  16. All users shall maintain an accurate and functioning e-mail address as part of their account profile at all times.  In the event that a member changes their e-mail address change their account profile shall be updated immediately. Failure to maintain a valid e-mail address may result in account termination.

  17. Anyone requesting membership using falsified names, contact information, etc. will have their account terminated and will be banned from all future access.

Anyone violating any of these terms and conditions may have their forum usage privileges revoked at the discretion of provider of this forum, potentially without warning of any kind.

Important : This forum is privately-funded, volunteer-moderated, and built upon a knowledge base generously contributed in the spirit of community by members from all around the world.  Membership in this forum is therefore deemed to be a privilege and NOT a right.  This privilege is granted by default to anyone not specifically excluded by the Terms stated above, but that privilege can be lost as the result of demonstrated behavior on the forum or elsewhere.  If the moderators determine that someone's participation on the forum is counterproductive relative to the friendly, supportive, and orderly atmosphere that we strive so hard to maintain then the membership privileges of that person may be denied, restricted, or revoked entirely.

These Terms Of Use are subject to change from time to time as needed to respond to new technologies, new security threats, new user behaviors, etc. Your substantive use of the forum after any such change (i.e. posting, sending a PM, or visiting the site more than once) constitutes your acceptance of the revised Terms Of Use.

Stuart Williams
Webmaster, IP Home Port
The Original Website For Island Packet Yacht Owners Since 1998

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You are here : IP Home Port > Administrivia > Welcome Aboard! > Terms Of Use

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