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 Posted: 07-27-2020 05:25 pm
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Hi Stuart,

Thanks for the quick reply and info. That's helpful. The IP31 ticks a lot of boxes for me. Especially the keel shape and interior space design. Whereas on the other hand thought already about the difficulties that may/may not arise when I need spare parts. The only way seems to ship them from the US which can be even more tricky in these Corona times. The broker mentioned, the IP was supposedly delivered to her owner in the Netherlands and would have Euro VAT clearance. She is built in 1985. Well, with no distribution partner before 1990, that's a question to look into.

I add a couple of pictures of areas that caught my intention on the first quick view, such as the deck teak rails, the mast collar which seems to be accountable for some water found in the bilge after a rainy day.

Thanks again! Much helpful info here in the community.

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