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New Forum Categories For Centerboard Owners
 Moderated by: Stuart W, Grainne
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 Posted: 12-05-2013 12:04 pm
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Stuart W

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In response to an excellent suggestion from user 'Bud' (thanks!) I've just added a new category to the Repair & Maintenance section of the IP Home Port forum - 'Centerboards'.  A companion section in the Modifications section has been added as well, but I suspect that it won't see as much traffic.  So now you folks that genuinely enjoy having extra stuff below the waterline to break (ooops, I meant "who enjoy superior windward performance and reduced draft") can now exchange information more easily. ;)

I've searched back through the forum archives (all the way to 2004) and moved a number of applicable threads into one or the other of the two new categories based on content.  Those questions that were truly pre-sales in nature were left in the 'Newbie/Wannabe' category and those that were Factory-specific were left in 'Ask The Factory'.  Note that regardless of category all 22,500+ posts here in IP Home Port are always accessible via the keyword Search function.

As usual, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions re: the forum please feel free to PM either myself or Bobby Ward (username Grainne).

[ Anxiously awaiting amusing reply from Frank ...]

Stuart Williams
Webmaster, IP Home Port
The Original Website For Island Packet Yacht Owners Since 1998

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You are here : IP Home Port > Administrivia > Announcements > New Forum Categories For Centerboard Owners

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