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 Posted: 10-26-2014 06:17 pm
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There have been a lot of questions lately re: prop pitch, shaft diameters, transmission ratios, etc. (they seem to come in waves!) so I decided to dig out my spreadsheet from IP Engineering circa 2009 with all of that information for the various models.  I used this spreadsheet to code a new table for the IP Comparisons page (LINK).  Select 'Engine & Prop' in the Compare: drop-down menu to view this new resource.

There's no data at this time for four models (IP26 Mk I, IP26 Mk II, IP360, and IP520) but I'll reach out to the fine folks in Largo to see if I can fill in some of the blanks.

Important :
  • Some models had more than one complement of engine/trans/prop listed in the spreadsheet (whether due to factory options or year-over-year changes). In these cases I added separate lines to the table to reflect the possible configurations.

  • Just about anything (engine, transmission, prop, etc.) might have been changed by previous owners in the years since your boat left the factory as part of an upgrade or repair effort.

  • It's always possible that the factory may have made temporary substitutions with equivalent or better parts due to product availability issues with their vendor (i.e. Yanmar) that aren't reflected in this table.
For these reasons there is no substitute for physically verifying what is actually installed on your boat before ordering replacement parts, service kits, manuals, etc.

If you have any questions or comments please let me know ...


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